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-WorldTour 2011-

-WorldTour 2011-

Neil gaat weer touren in 2011!!!!

Deze Datums zijn officieel bekend gemaakt,


February 26 & 28,Auckland.
Vector Arena
March 4, Wellington
Westpack Stadium(cancelled)


March 5,11&12 Melbourne.
Tod Laver Arena.
March 7, Adelaide
Adelaide Entertainment Centre
March 19, New South Wales
Hunter Valley Hope Estate Winery
March 21 & 23 Brisbane
Brisbane Entertainment Centre
March 26, Sydney
Sydney Football Stadium
March 29, Perth
Perth NIB Stadium

April 2, Johannesburg
FNB Stadium
April 5, Durban
The Moses Mabhida Stadium
April 8,Port Elizabeth
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.
April 11, Cape Town.
The Green Point Stadium.



Op 13 oktober komt de nieuwe Kerst CD uit van Neil, hier de pers release van Columbia Records

NEW YORK, Sept.30-2009
Columbia Records announces the release of A Cherry Cherry Christmas, the new Neil Diamond holiday collection, available in stores and online Tuesday, October 13.

The title song, "Cherry Cherry Christmas," is filled with references to many of Diamond's greatest hits. Newly written and recorded by Neil Diamond for Christmas 2009, it is destined to become a new Christmas standard.

Newly included with the re-mastered classics are a transcendent "Amazing Grace"; another new Neil Diamond original, "Christmas Dream"; and a party-time version of Adam Sandler's comedic "The Chanukah Song," produced by DJ Ashba (Guns N' Roses).

Neil Diamond - A Cherry Cherry Christmas.


Cherry Cherry Christmas.
Sleigh Ride.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.
White Christmas.
Christmas Dream.
The Christmas Song.
Deck The Halls / We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
Jingle Bell Rock.
You Make It Feel Like Christmas.
Winter Wonderland.
Joy To The World.
Amazing Grace.
Meditations On A Winter Night. (Instrumental)
The Chanukah Song.
Across a musical career spanning nearly five decades, Neil Diamond has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide, with a remarkable track record of 16 Top Ten albums, and 37 Top Ten singles. A Grammy Award-winning artist, Neil Diamond has been inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award. Among Diamond's many other honors, he has received a Golden Globe Award, 12 Grammy nominations and was named the 2009 MusiCares Person of the Year. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You are my number 1

You are my number 1
Diamond Dominates Billboard 200 with his first number.1 album
Diamond said: "This record represents a giant step in my evolution as a writer and a recording artist ... you will see I've gone deeper. It was more painful to write this -- maybe the most difficult album I've ever written, and maybe my best."

The Power of Two

The Power of Two

The Power of Two
Every Neil Diamond song is a jewel: beautifully crafted, honed, designed to deliver a knockout emotional punch while you sing along.
I prefer Diamond's '60s material, mostly because he hadn't started to take himself so seriously.
Picture this. I'm nestled in a chair next to the music producer icon, the one and only Rick Rubin, (founder of DefJam Records; one of Forbes 100 most influential ppl in the world; co-head of Columbia Records), along with 10 other diligent reporters (Rollingstone, LA Weekly, Flaunt Magazine, etc..) in a quaint little listening den in Santa Monica earlier this wk. The occasion? To listen to the unreleased Neil Diamond album HOME BEFORE DARK (out May 6th).

Thank You Australia

Thank You Australia
Het lijkt er toch op dat de Thank You Australia DVD er toch komt, de cover is bekend en de release datum staat voorlopig op 16 juni 2008,
Product details:
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2 ( DVD formats.)
Number of discs: 1
Classification: Exempt
Studio: Eagle Rock Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 16 Jun 2008
Run Time: 173 minutes

Neil and Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen and Neil Diamond To Share Twin Bill
Neil Diamond and Leonard Cohen will both play on the final day of Glastonbury Festival1 2008

If Loving Both Leonard Cohen And Neil Diamond Is Wrong,.... I Don’t Want To Be Right.



.......The Jazz Singer:.........
25th Anniversary Edition

Release Date: 10/18/2005
Original Release: 1980
Rated: PG
Length: 116 mins
Picture: Color
Ratio: 1.85:1/16x9
Audio: 6.1 DTS-ES,
Dolby Digital Surround EX,
Dolby Surround 2.0
Genre(s): Drama
SKU: DV13773
UPC: 013131377392
SRP: $19.98
Format: DVD

Op Amazon kun je een
Neil Diamond kalender 2006

Neil Diamond Calendar

List Price: £5.99
Our Price: £4.79
You Save: £1.20 (20%)
Not yet published: you
may still order this title.
Amazon will dispatch it
to you when they receive
it from the publisher.

`Reminicse for aWhile`

`Reminicse for aWhile`
......Being a Doctor......

"In school I was always very good at science, but as I grew older, I was bothered by the impersonal nature of medicine. "I couldn't help getting emotionally involved with people's problems. "During my junior year in college, a man had a heart attack on the street in front of me. "I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, heart massage, and everything else I knew, but he died in my arms. "I knew then that I could never be a doctor."

Diamond Experience!!!!!

Diamond Experience!!!!!
International singer and guitarist Bob Drury presents a stunning tribute to the legendary American singer/songwriter Neil Diamond. Rock with all the hits including Cracklin' Rosie, Sweet Caroline, America, Love on the Rocks, I Am I Said, Pretty Amazing Grace and many more...

To contact 'A Diamond Experience'...
Telephone: 01303 267509
Mobile: 07788 497921

The Dutch Neil Diamond!!!

The Dutch Neil Diamond!!!

Jaring Suurs zingt Neil Diamond:
Believe In Happy Endings

Beste Neil Diamond fan,.....
Jaring Suurs,.......
staat bekend als de .......
Nederlandse Neil Diamond.
Degenen die Jaring kennen
of één van zijn cd’s in bezit
hebben, weten hoe goed Jaring zingt en dat hij een stem heeft die een perfecte copie is van die van Neil Diamond. Voor vragen kunt u contact
opnemen via e-mail adres
PS: Kijk ook eens op de site van Jaring
  • Jaring Suurs De Nederlandse Neil Diamond de entertainer voor al uw feesten en partijen
  • - Jaring Suurs

..Rainyday Song!..

..Rainyday Song!..
-Hier een korte maar leuke reactie van Rolf Breemes die bij mij in de zelfde plaats Rijssen woont(± 300 mtr van mijn huis) en een concert van "Neil"bezocht in Hull op zondag 22-mei jl.
Hoi Henk,.....
Ik heb aan je gedacht in Hull. Was een mooi concert, maar ik vond het in 1999 mooier. Het is allemaal zo voorspelbaar en voorgeprogrammeerd. Ik heb het geluk gehad Neil te mogen ontmoeten. Zowel voor het concert als ook na het concert. Ik heb kort met hem gepraat in beide gevallen. He's a nice guy! Wordt wel oud, phoo dat wel. Ik heb een handtekening gekregen van Neil, ben er erg blij mee!! Verder heb ik bijna de hele band een hand gegeven die aan mij voorbij kwamen. Tjonge, echt ik snap het nog steeds niet. Ik hoop dat je niet teleurgesteld bent dat ik hem juist mocht ontmoeten. Ik kan me zo voorstellen dat jij zelf dat ook graag had gewild. Ik kan er verder niets aan doen helaas. Ik had gewoon 2x geluk. Meer niet. Toch stuur ik je de foto's die ikzelf heb gemaakt van Neil! Jij bent de eerste die ik ze stuur! Ik hoop toch dat ik je hiermee een plezier doe!
Groetjes, Rolf


If you know what I mean!

If you know what I mean!
Who is Neil Diamond?

"One of the reasons I quit
in 1972 was that I felt
it was important for me
to get a concept of who
I was again. You can get so
lost in what the public
thinks you are, what the
reviewers and record
companies think you are.
I just wanted to withdraw
and find out who
Neil Diamond was."


When I'm onstage, it's me.
I'm not acting. I'm not
trying to portray someone
I'm not. I don't put on
any airs; I'm straight.
My music doesn't focus
on any one group--
it just talks about people,
about love and life and
loneliness. It's just me,
and I think that
audiences relate to that.
What they see....
is what they get."

fan´s story from Glasgow

 fan´s story from Glasgow
Hier een impressie van het concert van 7 juni 05 in Glasgow van Kees en Diane v/d Brink
Ik ben een Neil Diamond fan van het eerste uur. Toen ik zag dat Neil naar Engeland kwam hebben we gelijk een datum geprikt voor een concert.We wilden geen concert mislopen, zo dichtbij als hij nu was.....we waren bang dat Neil niet naar het vaste land van Europa zou komen, dit bleek ook zo, dus hup naar Glasgow !! We kwamen op Glasgow uit omdat deze stad gemakkelijk te bereiken is met het vliegtuig.Neil trad daar 3 avonden op, de 6 e, 7e en
8 e juni. Alledrie de concerten uitverkocht, toch zo ongeveer 15.000 mensen per keer hebben we uitgerekend. We kwamen dinsdag de 7 e juni aan en s'avonds was ONS concert. We waren al vroeg in de avond in de zaal, spannend zo'n sfeertje.... We hebben de tickets via Internet gekocht en dan moet je toch maar afwachten waar je zit ( we konden alleen het vak kiezen en niet de stoelplaatsen ) Maar we zaten heel goed. Goed zicht op het podium, zonder mensen voor ons, en op de 2 grote schermen ernaast. Het concert begon ongeveer 20.15uur. Later dan aangekondigd, want heel raar maar waar, de mensen stroomden nog volop binnen net voor en na 20.00uur. Maar goed, toen begon het concert en we hebben meer dan genoten. De zaal stond na het eerste nummer gelijk op z'n kop. Wat een vreselijk enthousiast publiek die schotten !! Het concert was super geweldig, voor mij heeft Neil niets aan kwaliteit ingeboet. Hij heeft een uitstraling die van het podium afspat. Hij is charmant, heeft humor, en weet het gehele concert de aandacht vast te houden. Mooie beelden van Jonathan Livingstone Seagul op de schermen tijdens liedjes van deze film, mooie verlichting op het podium. Vele hits kwamen langs, een reis door de tijd. Neil 's band deed ook erg enthousiast mee, je kan zien dat ze plezier in het spelen hebben. Ook de achtergrondzangeressen kregen de waardering die ze verdienden, van Neil uiteraard maar ook van het publiek. Kortom een wereldervaring die we niet hadden willen missen.

Neil in' Hall of Fame'.

Neil in

Celebrating my Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination. Yippee! I owe it all to my fans, thank you.

The Gift of Song!!

The Gift of Song!!
Diamond is forever, I believe

Sometimes, a man just has to come clean. So, here it goes. I'm a Neil Diamond fan. A big Neil Diamond fan. A huge Neil Diamond fan. Maybe the biggest Neil Diamond fan in the history of the world. Being a Neil Diamond fan has never been cool, is not cool now, will probably never be cool. Even so, I'm a Neil Diamond fan.Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when my friends were swinging with the Stones, getting down with the Grateful Dead, or grooving with Marvin Gaye, I was singing along with Neil.

That´s not cool at all.

But the words and music of the man from Brooklyn touched the heart of the boy from Rijssen when my girlfriend broke up with me in the sixth grade because I wouldn't kiss her in the dark space next to the storage room at our school, Neil was there to sustain me with "Solitary Man." Senior year at high school was a confusing and troubled time as I juggled job, school, girlfriend and growing up. Neil sang, "I Am, I Said," an anthem of loneliness and self-doubt, just for me. If the mood was right for seduction -- or rather bumbling, embarrassing, awkward attempts at seduction -- "Play Me" provided the perfect background music. When the time came to leave college, Overijssel and small town life for the adventure of making my own path in the big and frightening city of Apeldoorn, Neil provided the perfect soundtrack with his homage to urban life, "Beautiful Noise." When the american hostages were released from Iran in 1981 after more than a year of frustrating captivity, American patriotism soared, and Neil provided the perfect anthem to express those feelings in, "America." And, when I was blessed with the birth of a daughter in the fall of 1981, Neil provided the perfect name for this most perfect little girl sweet Caroline,(Ilona) as in "good times never seemed so good, so good, so good!"
No, Neil Diamond has never been cool. But he has always been.
My first concert experience of Neil came at the Ahoy-Rotterdam in June-1- 1977, . He was great on vinyl but he was even better live and in person. No opening act. No flashy gadgetry or pyrotechnics. Just the man, his band and his music. And the music was always powerful stuff. Powerful enough to draw me back to other concerts in Bad-Segeberg(Germany), 1983, and Ahoy-Rotterdam again in 1989 and 1999.
Of course, it has been 25 years since the release of "America."
Of course, it has been forever since Neil had a hit song played on mainstream radio.
And, of course, even the biggest of fans, including me, will admit that the songs written and recorded by Neil during the past two decades of his career have not been as enduring or as powerful as those of the first two decades.

Until now!!.

Now, Neil has just released a new CD. And it is truly something special. Produced by rock impresario Rick Rubin, "12 Songs" is a remarkable musical statement by an artist who will turn 65 come January.
"Hell Yeah!" is a powerful affirmation of life and of love, perhaps best viewed as an older, wiser and more experienced extension of "I Am, I Said."
"Delirious Love" features the same sort of stripped-down lyrics and driving guitar that powered "Cherry, Cherry" nearly 40 years ago.
"Evermore" is the best power ballad Neil has penned in decades.
It begins simply and haltingly, with just his voice and guitar, then soars to a powerful climax, filled with strings and horns and soaring synthesizers. And my own favorite, a reflection perhaps of my own undying romanticism, is a paean to love that is mature, wounded and yet still passionate, "Oh Mary." So, there's my confession. I'm a Neil Diamond fan. A huge Neil Diamond fan. Maybe the biggest Neil Diamond fan in the history of the world. I know it's not cool, has never been cool, will never be cool. But as Neil grows older, and as I grow older with him, his music still moves me, soothes me, inspires me and touches my soul.

Next to all of that, cool just doesn't seem that important.


Men Are So Easy!!!!

Men Are So Easy!!!!
We all have a story of our own, and sometimes we like to share it with others. Now we can do so.
So open your........
"Diamond Mind" and tell it to Neil, the fans and the whole world......Open-up!!!!

Believe in happy endings

Believe in happy endings
Neil Diamond proves he's still 'so good',so good, so good.
The music of Neil Diamond runs the gamut of rock- n- roll to soft ballads, giving him a broad audience base that spans the continents and encompasses all ages and musical tastes.

Act Like A Man

Act Like A Man
New Red Sox Wally the Green Monster Animated Mascot - Sings and dances to Neil's Sweet Caroline!
04/08/2008 - Neil Diamond's Announcement at Fenway Park Baseball fans-and music fans-were treated to a surprise announcement at Boston's Fenway Park that afternoon.

During the eighth-inning sing-a-long of "Sweet Caroline" Neil Diamond made an appearance in a televised, big-screen broadcast, proclaiming to fans that that he will be performing live in concert at the historic Fenway on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 as part of his 2008 World Tour.

Grammy´s 1978

Grammy´s 1978

"I'm kind of a funny
songwriter. You can't put
me in a bag because I get
bored too quickly to write
only one kind of song."

Met de nr.1 hit in Amerika
"you do´nt bring..... me flowers" ......
waren Neil en Barbra genomineerd voor een
Grammy Award.

You don´t bring me.......

You don´t bring me.......
He did bring her flowers after all,as you can see!!

"I'm not comfortable with a celebrity status, I suppose my ultimate dream is to be an anonymous star. Someone who would have all his work accepted, yet be able to mix and move freely with all the people he's grown up with in the lifestyle he knew. That would be ideal, but it's not realistic, and it's not possible. Of course, my audience isn't made up of teenagers. And you just deal with it. I certainly can deal with minor restrictions."



The original title of
the "Beautiful Noise" album
was "Street Life."


Beautiful Noise werd in 1976 uitgebracht en scoorde in Nederland een nummer 1 positie in de LP Top 50, van het album werden 4 singels uitgebracht die alle 4 de Top 40 haalde, Beautiful Noise kwan uiteindelijk tot de 4e plaast. Alle nummers zijn door Neil zelf geschreven, behalve Dry Your Eyes, dit nummer schreef Neil samen met Robbie Robertson, die ook het album produceerde.

"I wrote a song for the 'Beautiful Noise' album called 'Listen' which we
left out in the end, no
matter how I liked it,
because it was more
of a stage piece.
"But to do that caused
me some pain, really,
because I'd worked
hard on that song and
could already hear it
on the album.
Yet I was persuaded.
The decision was right."

De album "Beautiful Noise"
uit 1976 stond lange tijd
zeer hoog genoteerd in de
toenmalige LP- Hitlijsten
Niet voor niets is
Neil Diamond onlangs uitgeroepen tot:.....
de meest populaire zanger
van de jaren ´70.


"Writing comes not only from a person's experiences, but from his fantasies, from his dreams, from his fears and frustrations. Everything that makes up a person."

When You Miss Your Love!.

When You Miss Your Love!.

I will always welcome
"friends" who have any
sugestions which can
improve this site.
You can mail me at

to keep me going!!!

........Henk Weitering.......-

Sweet L.A. days

Sweet L.A. days

Neil heeft een nieuwe manager.
Frea Spits vond op de site van Billboard dit stukje. Dank je Frea.
Neil Diamond has signed with Irving Azoff for management. Sources tell that Diamond is currently in the studio recording his next album with producer Rick Rubin, who collaborated on Diamond's 2005 offering "12 Songs" (Columbia Records). That album has sold 563,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
"I'm very happy and excited about my new management association with Irving Azoff," Diamond, who previously had no manager, said in a statement.
Along with Diamond, Azoff's management client roster includes Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Seal, Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet Revolver, Godsmack and Earth, Wind & Fire, among others.
"Neil has always been, and continues to be, one of the most important recording and touring artists our business has ever known. I am honored that Neil has placed his trust in me," Azoff said in a statement.
Along with recording music, Diamond has been touring since the mid-1960s. The singer/songwriter has never been more successful as a touring act than in this decade. The combined gross of Diamond's 2001, 2002 and 2005 world tours is a staggering $168,010,354, according to Billboard Boxscore. The attendance for the 203 shows on those tours was 2,726,480.
Sal Bonafede, who passed away earlier this year at 74, was Diamond's tour director for more than three decades. For last several years, Bonafede produced Diamond's tours in partnership with Jeff Apregan.

Turn on your Heartlight.

Turn on your Heartlight.

Het eeuwige vuur dat de
onverzettelijkheid en
éénheid van de
amerikaanse bevolking symboliseert,Neil draagt
dat uit in zijn songs
over liefde en vriendschap
voor elkaar.

On Touring Two Weeks After 9/11

"...Everybody was affected by that tragic incident, and we started our tour about 2 weeks after 9/11 and I really didn't understand what the reaction would be, what the response would be. I was afraid people might be inhibited or might have that on their mind but as it turned out, it became an important element because people, some for the first time, were able to get away from their TV sets---from the news of this event---and get on with their lives, and to show that they could get on with their lives. So it became more than just going to a show and having a good time. It became a re-establishment of their lives and it became important in that sense and I felt very good about it. "My music is very therapeutic and liberating for me. At best, it can be the same thing for the audience if they allow it to be. First, I have to satisfy myself with my music. Generally when I feel pleased with it, I can feel confident enough that
there will be people in the audience who wil also be pleased. Most of the music
I do a great number of people can read their
own lives into it.
It's pretty universal.

Sensitive man!

sensitive man!
Actualy I´ve been
hearing those two words
in the same sentence
more and more!!!!

"Gorgeous and very distracting while I'm singing on stage.
...Oh,girls you´ll
be women soon too
"I still live in a fantsy world
sometimes, because it's safe".
"It's a cushion, a cocoon.
It's a protective thing
you build, and when I'm
into music nothing can
hurt me, at least in
my own mind."

.....Religious Feel to Music...

"There's definitely a
spiritual point of view
in most of the things
I do. Whether it's
religious or not is
another question.
I don't have a strong
founding in formal
religion, but I do tend
to be philosophical
and spiritual about things.
I think that attitude,
coupled with a strong
sense of drama, gives
a lot of things I do
a spiritual quality."

They ´re singing my song!

they ´re singing my song!

Onlangs is in de VS de cd Forever Neil Diamond uitgebracht, een verzamel cd met nummers die Neil heeft geschreven, maar door andere artiesten zijn gezongen, hierboven de afbeelding en de playlist (hieronder) van de cd, via is de cd te bestellen, in Nederland is de cd nog niet uitgebracht.

1. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
The Monkees.
2. Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)
Bobby Womack.
3. Ain't No Way
The Box Tops.
4. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
Urge Overkill.
5. Kentucky Woman
Deep Purple.
6. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Elvis Presley.
7. Solitary Man
Crooked Fingers.
8. Cracklin' Rosie
Shane McGowan & The Popes.
9. Red Red Wine
10. Glory Road
Arthur Alexander.
11. I'm A Believer
Four Tops.
12. The Boat That I Row
13. Holly Holy
Jr. Walker & The All-Stars.
14. Dry Your Eyes
The Band.
---------------------------------- met dank aan Rob Stoof.

Life, Music and Passion!

 Life, Music and Passion!
Friday, February 6, 2009 Cocktail Reception and Exclusive Silent and Live Online Auctions Gala Dinner, Tribute Concert and Award Presentation Special Performances by Neil Diamond and Friends For further information, visit to download a reservation form. AN OFFICIAL EVENT OF THE 51t GRAMMY WEEK CELEBRATION Proceeds from this annual event benefit MusiCares’ vital human services, established to help ensure that music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical or personal crisis

......Done too soon......

......Done too soon......
......In Memory of ......
........Jennifer Diamond ........
October 27, 1971 - July 23, 2002
Please mail your donation to:
The Jennifer Diamond Foundation
1880 Century Park East,
16th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067.
LOS ANGELES, CA 90067-1661
(Headed by Ëllen Diamond, daughter of NeilDiamond.) -


...Friends of Neil Diamond...
........Postbus 2183.........
....5600 CD Eindhoven....

Mijn naam is Henk Weitering en sinds 1976 lid van de fanclub van Neil Diamond. Het moet mij van het hart dat dié mensen die hierin op vrijwillige basis hun energie steken,GEWELDIG werk verrichten.Via deze weg wil ik allen,en Carla+Marijke in het bijzonder, hartelijk danken voor hun inzet,en ik hoop dat we nog lang plezier aan Dutch F.O.N.D. mogen beleven.

"I'm neither a poet nor a musician. I couldn't be either and make a living.
I'm a songwriter."

Elton John named Neil Diamond as one of the best song writers of our time.

This is............. Home

This is............. Home

Nieuw Neil Diamond album verschijnt op 12 mei 2008 Het langverwachte nieuwe album van Neil Diamond
..... "Home Before Dark"..... verschijnt op 12 mei.
Net zoals bij zijn vorige album "12 Songs" uit 2005 heeft de legendarische Rick Rubin weer voor de productie gezorgd.
Met "12 Songs" beleefde Neil Diamond toen een opgemerkte comeback, zowel op artistiek als commercieel vlak.
Neil Diamond behaalde er de vierde plaats mee in de Amerikaanse charts. Liefhebbers van die plaat mogen op hun beide oren slapen. Ook op "Home Before Dark" vinden we een grotendeels akoestische Neil Diamond in grote doen. De meester wordt op het album bijgestaan door enkele leden van Tom Petty's Heartbreakers. Het nieuwe album wordt voorafgegaan door de single "Pretty Amazing Grace", vanaf nu al te beluisteren op Neil Diamonds website. Op het album vinden we ook een opgemerkt duet met Natalie Maines, zangeres van The Dixie Chicks. De luxe versie van "Home Before Dark" bevat extra audio tracks en een bonus dvd met studio footage. Neil Diamond is een van de meest succesvolle artiesten in de muziekgeschiedenis: Diamond verkocht meer dan 125 miljoen albums waarvan 15 albums in de top 10 stonden in de States en had daar maar liefst 37 top 10 singles. Neil Diamond verdiende verder 12 Grammy nominaties, 4 Golden Globes, en werd ingehuldigd in de Songwriters Hall of Fame. Hij is ook nog actief als filantroop die inspanningen levert voor kankeronderzoek en het behoud van bedreigde diersoorten.

Another Hot August Night!

Another Hot August Night!

Another Hot August Night!

My Time With You.

My Time With You.

An Audience with Neil Diamond:

The show will be aired at 8pm on Saturday 31st May, 2008 on Independent Television (ITV)

Just returned from a fabulous evening with Neil Diamond recording “An Audience with” at the London Television Centre. Along with a number of other long-time fans we were lucky enough to have production tickets for this unique event, and after queuing up in cold wet conditions we eventually got into the studio theatre. For those unfamiliar with this type of television, Neil was appearing before a celebrity audience performing songs and answering questions.Neil’s full band, complete with the Horn Dogs and Linda, Maxine & Julia were on stage left as the audience viewed. Neil sang a couple of golden Oldies and some new songs from Home Before Dark. At the end Neil sang I Am.. I Said.. and received the required standing ovation for a superb performance. He was then asked to sing Love on the Rocks which he performed impeccably as always. Before the song he made reference to Hadley’s “new guitar with pink stars on it”
Neil was asked a variety of questions by celebrities.
Neil then closed out the show with a rousing audience sing-along of Sweet Caroline.

Neil komt naar Rotterdam

Neil komt naar Rotterdam
ROTTERDAM - Neil Diamond geeft na bijna tien jaar weer een concert in Nederland.
Neil treedt zaterdag 24 mei op in Ahoy in Rotterdam, en omdat het concert binnen een uur was uitverkocht volgt er een tweede concert op zondag 25 mei.
Dat maakte Mojo bekend.
Diamond brengt die avond zowel klassiekers als nieuwe liedjes ten gehore. Hij is bekend van nummers als Sweet Caroline, I Am I Said en Cracklin' Rosie.
Zijn meest recente album is 12 Songs.
Neil zingt ook een aantal nummers van zijn nieuwe, nog te verschijnen cd.

..Ohh,..what a night

..Ohh,..what a night

..Ohh,..what a night
Zaterdagavond 24-mei/08

Neil in topvorm....sfeer fantastisch.....ambiance geweldig........ al met al een avond om nooit te vergeten.
Nu wetende wat alle Neil-fans kunnen en mogen verwachten........ nl.
"een spetterende show."

Hello Again...

Hello  Again...
Welkom op de Neil Diamond startpagina.
Ik wil Neil extra in de spotlight zetten. Ik ben sinds 1976 trouw lid van zijn fanclub.
Op deze manier wil ik uiting geven hoeveel plezier Neil mij met zijn muziek, en optredens geeft. Ik hoop dat jullie hieraan veel(Neil) plezier mogen beleven.



This is my "Everlybrothers"
....accoustic...guitar,the only problem with this guitar is:
"it only plays oldies"
........"It's totally
unpredictable because
a good song has a life
of its own. It tells you
when it's ready to
come and you have to
sit there and try
and catch it when it
comes out. I just sort
of tinkle around on
the guitar or the piano
until I get a riff going
and work from there."
"The quality depends
on how hard you work
at your writing, how
much enthusiasm you
can maintain, how much
love you have for it.
I'd like to think I can
keep myself excited
and enthused for
as long as I live.
I'd like to think I
have 20 or 30 more
productive years. That's
what I dream about."


Bij clubs op "Het Net" is ook een Neil Diamond Club!!

(de tweede Neil Diamond club)

Dit is een leuk initiatief van een Neil-fan die creatief met haar hobby omgaat, en veel andere fans de kans geeft om hier ook van mee te genieten.
........Klasse Henny!!!!......

Hell Yeah.!!

Hell Yeah.!!
On Tuesday, November 8th
Neil unveiled some of his
most personal and intimate
music with his highly
anticipated new CD,
12 Songs.
To hear what the critics
are calling some of the best
work in Neil's legendary career


In de Billboard Album Top 200 is "12 Songs"hoog binnen gekomen op de 4e plaats, dit is in de carrière van Neil nog nooit eerder gebeurd.

Hier de Tracklist van het nieuwe album.

1.Oh Mary
2. Hell Yeah
3. Captain of a Shipwreck
4. Evermore
5. Save Me A Saturday Night
6. Delirious Love
7. I'm On To You
8. What's It Gonna Be
9. Man of God
10. Create Me
11. Face Me
12. We

Plus 2 bonus tracks:.....
verkrijgbaar op de
Digi-pak versie.

13.Men are So Easy
14.Delirious Love

de laatste met een gastoptreden van Brian Wilson.

Neil had de volgende 22 nummers geregistreerd (Copyright) bij de muziek ind. in de VS.

In Better Days,
What´s it Gonna Be?
Men Are So Easy,
Shine On,
Man of God,
Can't Have It All,
Create Me,
Something Blue,
I'm On To You,
Oh Mary,
First Time,
Ooo Do I Want To Be Yours,
Save Me A Saturday Night,
You're My Favorite Song,
Show It Down,
The Secret Place,
The Art of Love,
Talkin' it to Death en.......
Face Me


(lost).. among the stars

 (lost).. among the stars
"Know who my hero has always been? Albert Schweitzer. Which is very interesting. Do you know that he was a professional musician, a classical organist until the age of 40? Then he gave it all up to go to medical school. "I would love that to happen to me someday. I think about that very often. I was a premed student, you know. "But music, performing, the roar of the crowd are in my blood. And I frankly don't know if I'd ever have the courage to give them up.
"My patron is my audience. I work for their pleasure. I seek only their appreciation. That is all a performer can do." "I'm out there working for them To a large degree, they come first and I'm going to do what is satisfying to them. I think it's important to break in new material, to keep it fresh for myself as well. But what's interesting to me is that the older songs remain in the show because they have legs, they have something about them that keeps them viable entities over a period of years, and they do change. Kind of like what happens to wine when it gets put in casks--the songs mature, they never really are what they were in the beginning. In the ideal situation, they go well beyond that."

......In My Lifetime.....

......In My Lifetime.....

......In My Lifetime.....
"I think of myself as a
writer. I've never had any
deep aspirations to be a star.
"As I've matured as a
writer it takes me longer
and longer to write
a song. I guess I'm getting
to be a perfectionist."
Please don´t feel sad
when I´m not able to
visit you this time(tour).
Instead you´ll be with
me all along when
you´re visiting my beautiful
start-up page.........
Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!
"One of these days I'm
going to write a song that
makes someone want to cry."

The Singer Sings his Song

The Singer Sings his Song

The Singer Sings his Song
.......Concert Experience.......

"I'll admit it: being on stage is a real upper. It makes me write better. When I write a song, I imagine how it's going to work in front of an audience. It's the only real test. A concert is also a treat for a performer. It's like a lollipop after I finish the hard work, which is writing the songs for an album."
"The concert experience is also very much like making love. There's that interplay which requires an openness to begin with, there's the interplay during the actual act of lovemaking, there's built-in excitement and intensity which only increases, the feeling of love and warmth and excitement. "The concert performance does reach a climax at some point, so I think the act of love is a good comparison."
"I've wanted to create excitement and beauty with my music on stage and afterward lapse into anonymity. The idea is to perform where and when I want. Avoiding TV is a way to be anonymous. That's why I've been judicious about it.

...5 CD´s+ 1 DVD......
Een compilatie van
live optredens gedurende
het grootste deel van
Neil´s carriere + een dvd
van een gedeelte van zijn
concert op Lansdowne Road
in Ierland 2002.
Een echte aanrader
voor de liefhebbers.

You´r the best part of me

You´r the best part of me
There was a time I wanted out on my own I even thought I'd be okay alone But oh, baby I know, baby That I'd be walkin' Away from the best part of me

Welcome to the pages of pictures and interviews of Neil Diamond on television. I hope you find plenty to enjoy.

Kathleen Mosley, and....
Iris Gerhardt


Amazed and Confused.

Amazed and Confused.
Ambrose O´Shea from Dublin (Ireland) has been a fan and collector of Neil Diamonds music since 1970. The first Neil Diamond song Ambrose heard was "Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show", since seeing Neil perform on the Johnny Cash show, Ambrose has remained a loyal and true fan up to the present day. Attending every concert Neil has done in Ireland including the famous 10 concerts back to back in the RDS in 1989. Ambrose has appeared on National Television, showing his collection, having also been involved in various radio programmes, talking about and playing Neil's music. It is the aim of his website to help other Neil Diamond fans and collectors to advertise for anything they might need, but most of all to let fans keep in touch with each other and promote the music of Neil Diamond in Ireland

What´s It Gonna Be.......

What´s It Gonna Be.......

"You can't allow yourself
to be swept along by
success. You have to stop
and take control of the reins.
You have to remember that
the quality of your music,
ultimately, has nothing to
do with how your records
are selling or how many
people come to see you
in a concert.
The quality depends on
how hard you work at
your writing, how much enthusiasm
you can maintain, how
much love you have for it."



The audience is the arbiter, and if they don't applaud, the performer has failed. That is the fundamental base from which I work, and to what I attribute all my success."
"I like to do it good, but only machines are perfect. I don't care if there's a break in my voice or one of the guys plays a sour note, as long as the piece has life to it. When you get something that beats and throbs with life, that's it--everything else is secondary.

..did you ever read about

..did you ever read about

.....and then became one.....

"I've been a victim of myself. I've been running through life, taking it so seriously. When I speak of dreaming about being a king in 'I Am...I Said,' the king represents acceptance. I was never accepted as a kid. I went to something like nine different schools. I always wanted to be something. That's why I took to writing so passionately."
"I don't classify myself in any music category. There are no simple lines in what I write or sing. For years, the 'rock' critics put me down because my music wasn't more rock oriented. They didn't know what I was, pop, country, rock or symphonic. It was kind of strange.
When I compose a tune it's the feel that comes first. I just get a feel or groove and follow with some chords and the best key to use. From that comes the melody and the lyrics follow on next. Sometimes it takes me longer to come up with things than other times. It can range from one hour to many tooke me four months of work to come up with 'I Am...I Said,' yet it took me an hour to write 'Sweet Caroline.
Sweet Caroline was just one of those lovely terrific things which just happen. It came out of the blue, like somebody up there looked at me and said: O.K. kid, here's one for you. And the song was started in New York City and then I went to Los Angeles and played around with it a little more and I really didn't have it finished and I flew down to Memphis to record it with it uncompleted. About two hours before I was to go over to the studio I took out my guitar and wrote the lyric and completed the melody. Like it was still warm from being worked on and I walked in and recorded it and an hour later it was Sweet Caroline -- I just smiled from ear to ear."

If there were no dreams.

If there were no dreams.
"I love it, I've always loved it, because in a sense they keep the music alive, and in a way it's flattering, and in a way you have to have a sense of humor about it.It is a little strange, I have to admit it, seeing someone up there trying to be you. A little weird but also fun. God bless them all, I hope they do great."
"I don't write hits. I write songs. It's the people who listen to them who decide whether they're hits or not. I just try to communicate my feelings--my thing. If I've done that, I'm satisfied."

They´re coming to America

They´re coming to America
Got a dream they´ve
come to share.

"I want to go places I've never been, do things that have never been done. New challenges scare you, but they also excite you and get you up."

Lonely Looking Sky!

Lonely Looking Sky! announces Neil Diamond Irish Date as part of World Tour 2008
The one and only Neil Diamond announces an exclusive Irish Concert in Dublin’s Croke Park on Saturday June 14th.
The Man, The Legend, Neil Diamond comes back to the joy of his millions of Irish fans to play an unmissable fully seated show which has been added onto his World tour.
"I don't think there's a higher point in my life...the excitement, the intensity and the drama of the moment is unsurpassed. "Singing to a crowd is like reaching the top of Mount Everest.



Jonathan Livingstone Seagull eindelijk op DVD in Nederland.
and here begins a journey
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
"That was my first
experience with films and I
looked at it very much
like a student. It was
an education for me
and I'd like to do it
again, but unfortunately,
you don't find as many
interesting projects as
'Seagull,' which really lent
itself to the music
and to the songwriting."

"I worked for about three months, and nothing came. Then one day while I was sitting at the piano I wrote down on a pad the words 'God is being.' "I said aloud, 'That's odd. Where did that come from God is being?' "I looked at it again and I was filled with a tremendous rush of excitement. "My heart began to palpitate and I said, 'My God, that's it. That's the crux of the story... BE!' "'Be what you can be. Be what you are. But be.' "And that was the cornerstone of all the music written for Jonathan Livingston Seagull. "Everything fell into place after that and I wrote the rest of the music over a period of three months."
De verfilming van een boek
geschreven door Richard Bach,
waarbij de muziek werd
gecomponeerd door
....... Neil Diamond........
en waarmee hij een
Grammy Award won.
Joop Kooman brengt ons goed nieuws: “Ik zag op de site van dat op 19.10.2006 de DVD Jonathan Livingston Seagull uitkomt en leverbaar is. Voor velen misschien een lang verwachte wens die uitkomt!”

Don´t think.....Feel..!

Don´t think.....Feel..!
"I don't just want fans
asking for autographed
pictures, or news bits
about me.
I would like my fanclubs
to meet with me after
my performances.
I like them to be there
to share with me the
elation I feel after
a good show.
Sometimes it gets lonely
after the audience leaves."


........Thank You NEIL........
........Come Back Soon........

The Jazz-singer

The Jazz-singer
The Jazz Singer film bestaat 25 jaar en daarom wordt een speciale DVD hiervan uitgebracht.
Of de DVD ook in Nederland wordt uitgebracht is nog niet bekend, helaas.

Een remake uit 1980 van de
originele film uit 1927 met
Al Jolson,
waarin Neil acteert met
Lucie Arnaz en
sir Laurence Olivier.
Leuk verhaal met schitterende
muziek van Neil.
Nu ook op DVD verkrijgbaar.
Van de CD the Jazz-singer zijn :
"Hello Again",
"Love on the Rocks" en
"America" grote hits geworden.

Saving Silverman

Saving Silverman

In Nederland bekend
onder de titel
....... EvilWoman".........
Grappige film die eerst
op gang moet komen.
Twee schoolvrienden,en
tevens Neil Diamond fans,
bedenken een plan
zodat hun vriend
Darren Silverman
niét met de dominante
psychologe Judith trouwt
maar proberen Darren
te koppelen aan z´n oude
jeugdliefde Sandy,die op
´t punt staat non te worden
. In deze komische film
speelt Neil Diamond...... "zichzelf".

"I'm not really sure what kind of a character I'd like to play in films, but basically I'd like to see myself as a human being, not some sort of self-destructive loser. I know there are people like that; it's scary when you get to the top and some people in a sense try to remove themselves from that position by destroying their own careers and lives. I've seen it. But it's not compatible with my personality."

......12 SONGS.......

......12  SONGS.......
...... 20 februari 2006 ......
12 Songs is uit in Nederland !!!
Charted at #4 in
Billboard Top 200. Neil's highest ever week
one album chart position.

The press has been unanimous in it's
rhapsodic response
to 12 Songs...
This is the best work
Diamond has done in
30 years."

.......12 Songs returns
Neil Diamond to his
'Solitary Man' greatness.

"In Graceful and intimate songs, a soulful voice
shares wisdom, pain,
dreams and vulnerabilities,
and a solitary man
rediscovers his natural

"He's as direct as he's
ever been with his lyrics,
which give him extra

New cover

new cover
Hierboven de nieuwe cover van de dubbel CD"12 Songs", de release van 12 Songs , Limited Edition, Artist's Cut, is zonder verdere reclame gebeurt, de cd is te koop bij :
Van Leest en o.a. bij en

Diamond Re-Teaming With Rick Rubin For New Album
After he recovered from a bout of depression brought on by the Sony BMG rootkit fiasco, in which the company coded his acclaimed "12 Songs" album with potentially malicious anti-piracy software and then pulled the disc from retail, Neil Diamond went back to work writing songs for his next effort with producer Rick Rubin. "To kind of get warmed up, we started recording a couple of cover songs and Neil has been writing, but I haven't heard any of the new stuff he's been writing yet," Rubin tells Billboard. "But we still had a bunch of songs from the last sessions we did, so some of those might work their way into the next one." While an album of covers or another album of originals have both been discussed, Rubin says it's too early in the process to know which way it will go. "It depends on how long the writing process takes," he says. "I thought if it's going to take a while to write, it might be fun to do a covers album in between, but we'll see. The material is going to dictate everything." Still, even the session players, including ace guitarist Smokey Hormel, are optimistic about another Diamond-Rubin effort. "We've had one session since '12 Songs.' I think it was just to try out some things," he says, "but it was really great."

"12 Songs" was reissued Dec. 12 ´06 with a second disc of demos and alternate takes

Yes I will

Yes I will
A word of thanks to the people who had provided me with the information and resources to make this project possible.


Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever in Blue Jeans
"For me, the reality is that the song starts with the music itself so I have to pick up a guitar or sit down at a piano and start playing, start noodling, start experimenting, just for my own enjoyment, and occasionally you'll find something that you really like---a chord change or a transition---something that you really like or haven't heard before or it strikes an emotional chord with you...and you begin working from that to expand it and make it into a full grown statement---a musical statement. "


Musicians take direction
from the point of view
of what the song
is about. I'm still.....
'New York,' and my
records have that.....
New York feeling.
The fact that I've
recorded out here in
California hasn't had
very much effect on that.
I haven't become 'laid back'
here in L.A. I wish I
could. But I spent 23
years in New York
and it's difficult to leave
that behind. I always
have a vague sense of
restlessness here.
However, the whole L.A.
scene was good for me
because things were so
relaxed in comparison to
New York.
It permitted me to work
on different things, things
I would never have written
had I remained in
New York. I had the room
and the space to become
introspective, and it
resulted in a curious
combination of New York
motivation and L.A.
fertile ground."

I´ve been this way before

I´ve been this way before

I don't analyze my songs. They stem from my feelings and my emotions. Even when they appear a little down, there is a positive point to be made. Though we all have our share of unhappiness, my well-being seems to stay solid."
I hope you will come again , and enjoy every visit to my Neil Diamond start up page.

Friends of Neil Diamond

Friends of Neil Diamond
De afkorting:F.O.N.D.staat voor :Friends-Of-Neil-Diamond. Een ieder die graag meer wil weten over de muziek van Neil Diamond,en op de hoogte wil blijven over concerten en nieuwtjes raad ik aan:
wordt lid van deze fanclub!!!
Neil Diamond fanclub dag 2005!!!
Zaterdag 29 oktober tijdens de Neil-day trad Tom Sadge op.Voor diegenen die nog niet weten wie dat is: hij is de Amerikaanse Neil Diamond impersonator en zoals Neil zelf zegt:....
“He sounds just like me!"
en da´s waar want hij bezorgde velen van ons kippenvel.Het was een gezellige dag waarbij iedereen zijn of haar ervaring van Neil´s tour met een ander kon delen.

Before Dark..............

Before Dark..............
Neil Diamond: New CD 'most difficult I've ever written' ========================
Diamond said: "This record represents a giant step in my evolution as a writer and a recording artist ... you will see I've gone deeper. It was more painful to write this -- maybe the most difficult album I've ever written, and maybe my best."

.........Track List ;.........

CD 1

1. If I Don't See You Again
2. Pretty Amazing Grace
3. Don't Go There
4. Another Day That Time Forgot
(Featuring Natalie Maines)
5. One More Bite Of The Apple
6. Forgotten
7. Act Like A Man
8. Whose Hands Are These
9. No Words
10. The Power Of Two
11. Slow It Down
12. Home Before Dark

Bonus Tracks:

13. Without Her
14. Make You Feel My Love

CD 2 - DVD

1. Pretty Amazing Grace
2. If I Don't See You Again
3. Forgotten
4. The Boxer (Bonus Track,)
(Simon & Garfunkel's)
Deze staat niet op de CD.

"Home Before Dark"

Home Before Dark, Neil Diamond's second collaboration with storied producer Rick Rubin, arrives May 6 on Columbia Records with all new material composed by the legendary singer/songwriter.
The album, recorded in Los Angeles, includes the title track, Pretty Amazing Grace, If I Don't See You Again and Another Day (That Time Forgot), a duet with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks. It's Diamond's first major-league pairing since he and Barbra Streisand stormed the charts with You Don't Bring Me Flowers in 1978.


Song Sung Blue was a very pleasurable song to write and to do also. "There was a continuity and a flow in those words that was very rare for me to find. "You always look for that, to be able to say something so concisely and so simply and so tellingly and occasionally those inspirations come up in songs and in Song Sung Blue there were those moments."

Europe-Tour 2008

Europe-Tour 2008
"The whole concept of a concert for me is the relationship between two people, me and the audience."
Neil Diamond, who did releas a new album and embarking on a new tour this summer, says both projects mark the best -- and hardest work -- of his career. Neil Diamond rejuvenated his career with his last album, "12 Songs," produced by Rick Rubin. "This is the most technically challenging show that I've ever done," Diamond told The Associated Press in a phone interview.
Diamond said fans will be wowed by the show, which includes what he calls "technical wizardry ... we can do things on this stage that we've never dreamed were possible."
and then there's the surprise factor," he said. "I want people to come and see it. You have to be there, you have to experience it."
hier de tourdata tot wat nu bekend is.

24+25 mei Rotterdam
27 mei München
29 mei Antwerpen
31 mei Köln
2 juni Hamburg
Color Line Arena
5 juni Glasgow
National Stadium
"Hamden Park"
7+8 juni Manchester
Men Arena
10+11 juni Birmingham
14 juni Dublin
Croke Park
17 juni Southampton
Rose Bowl
19 juni Cardiff
Millenium Stadium
21,23+24 juni London
O2 Arena
27 juni London
Wembly Arena
29 juni Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.

I am I said got it all.

I am I said got it all.

I am I said got it all.
A Website run by three
fans from the USA ........
....Eydie, Jean and Iris....
with a wealth of Neil Diamond information

Neil Diamond Signs With
........ Irving Azoff.........
- Legal and Management
Sources tell that Diamond is currently in the studio recording his next album with producer Rick Rubin, who collaborated on Diamond's 2005 offering "12 Songs" (Columbia Records). That album has sold 563,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "I'm very happy and excited about my new management association with Irving Azoff," Diamond, who previously had no manager, said in a statement.
Along with Diamond, Azoff's management client roster includes Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Seal, Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet Revolver, Godsmack and Earth, Wind & Fire, among others.
"Neil has always been, and continues to be, one of the most important recording and touring artists our business has ever known. I am honored that Neil has placed his trust in me," Azoff said in a statement

Awesome "Aussies".

Of Neil Diamond FRIENDS.

Lissa, Judy and Maggie
keep up the good work!!

We encourage all Australian and New Zealand fans
to subscribe to FOND USA.
Friends Of Neil Diamond
P.O.Box 3357
Hollywood CA 90028

Neil Diamond is expected to swing by Australia in the first quarter of 2009.

The Australian tours are special for Neil Diamond.
Diamond`s love –affair with Australia goes back to his first tour down-under in 1976. He was last here in 2006. “They have been so loyal to me and so great to me,” he says. “I think I want to play Australia. We are talking to promoters about that now and hopefully they will be able to work that out”.

Once in a While...

Once in a While...
.....In my opinion,...
Neil is like a good wine
..... improving with age!!!!!!!

Angel Above My Head.

Angel Above My Head.

Angel Above My Head.
Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr alles über den Sänger und Songschreiber Neil Diamond - seine Songtexte, eine komplette Discographie sowie eine Auswahl von Presseberichten.

The Last Picasso....

The  Last  Picasso....
Een overzichtelijke en complete Neil Diamond-site van Rob Stoof waar je alles kunt vinden wat je over Neil wilt weten. Zo is de rubriek "ND nieuws" up to date, én kun je de belangrijkste items terugvinden van de afgelopen 5 jaar.
Kortom de énige echte Nederlandse Neil Diamond Homepage

.......Remember Me.......

.......Remember Me.......
The NDHP is Web's largest source of Neil Diamond information. Whether you are looking for the lyrics to songs such as Crunchy Granola Suite or you are in search of the latest Neil Diamond tour dates, we've got it all. For answers to some common Neil Diamond questions, please check out the Neil Diamond Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where you can find the answers to many of your inquiries.

.......Canta Libre.......

.......Canta Libre.......
Neil Diamond es mi
cantautor favorito.......
por una sencilla razon:
........ES EL MEJOR.

........NEIL DIAMOND,.......

Neil Diamond, honesto, espontáneo, espíritu libre..., él mismo en cada disco, cada canción, cada concierto. Esta web en español pretende ser un reconocimiento a su carrera.

A legend on tour!!

A legend on tour!!
The legend is back on tour.
........Neil Diamond........

Cuban heels, sequins, spectacular backdrop, 15-piece backing band, intimate anecdotes and a timeless list of hits. Neil Diamond may be New York city born and raised but this sell-out show was often pure Vegas. And what a show. Emerging from a raised walkway, Diamond enthralled the gathered masses from the start with one of the most distinctive voices in music. At 64, he's showing few signs of ageing and his huge international following will be hoping that there's still more to come from one of the great songwriters of the 20th century. He's also probably the only person in the world who can make slacks look cool. Now that's a sign of greatness.
"I hope I never feel
as though I've made it.
I'm always a little scared
and I always feel there's
a great deal more to do."

Neil is in maart gestart
met z´n "Worldtour-2005"
dat hij eind dit jaar
zal afsluiten in de USA.
Deze complete nieuwe
show is, zoals hij zelf zegt:
the biggest show ever.
Nieuw Zeeland kreeg de primeur met 3 optredens,
om vervolgens in Australie
een 12 tal concerten te geven.
De laatste show Down under
is op 30 maart in Brisbane.
Vanaf 17 mei tot 15 juni
is Neil voor de Europese
fans te bewonderen in
Engeland, Schotland en
Ierland.Ook daar zal Neil
een 15 tal concerten geven,
om daarna terug te keren
naar de VS alwaar hij
nog eens een 35 tal
steden zal aandoen.

I´ve been this way before

I´ve been this way before
In Australie heeft Neil een onderscheiding gekregen voor de verkoop van 1 miljoen concertkaarten, een absoluut record in Australie.

Neil Diamond fractured all attendance records at Western Springs, New Zealand where Billy Graham had called up admission figures of 34,000; where 33,000 had turned out to see Elton John -- and where 12,000 was recorded for John Denver's performance. No telling how many Diamond could have drawn -- if police hadn't started turning 'em away when the turnout reached 36,000!

This Money Talks!!!

This Money Talks!!!

........this one sings,...
and this one walks,...

Meaning to My Life!
"I'm motivated to find myself. I'm an imperfect emotional being, trying to figure out some way to give some kind of substance and meaning to my life. I do it in a very silly way. I write these little songs and go and sing them in a recording studio and, later, in front of a lot of people. It seems like an odd way to gain an inner sense of acceptance of the self. But it's what I do. It seems like a lot of people are getting good things from it. It's really the only justification I've found yet for my life. That and my children."

Can anybody hear me?

Can anybody hear me?

Can anybody hear me?
"The human voice is the most important instrument at our disposal, yet it´s one of the most difficult to understand or define.
You either hear it.....
or you don´t.
It either moves you......
or it leaves you cold.....
it´s more than just a sound´s the soul itself.
- "Only devotees of my music know who I am because my music says what I am. It speaks about what I feel as a person, what I dream about, what I hope to be. What I ache for, what I love, what I laugh at, what my weak moments are, what my strong moments are.""Sure, my music has changed, because the music is a reflection of the writer and I've changed. I've become wiser, I've become happier. I like to think I've become better. And the music reflects that."


Ïn de jaren "90"tourde
Neil met een roterend
podium zodat hij echt
omgeven was met zijn
fans.Een compilatie
van die ook weer zó
succesvol verlopen tour
is op een dubbel CD
uitgebracht met als titel...
..."In the round tour."...
"After 10 shows at the Greek Theatre and 20 more at the Winter Garden Theater, I felt secure enough to say to myself, 'OK, these people, at least, know about me. Even if I don't do another concert for five years, they'll come to see me again. Then it'll just be up to me to put on a show and a performance that they want.' I had reached the heights of what I felt I had to prove with these shows. I didn't have to play Dodger Stadium, too. But I did have to fill in some missing pieces in my life."

Win the World.!!!

Win the World.!!!

Win the World.!!!
In februari 2002 waren er in Salt Lake City de Olympische Winter Spelen, deze werden in de VS uitgezonden door NBC, zij hebben toen hiervoor een tune uitgekozen, ..... " America" van Neil Diamond, dit nummer is opnieuw ingezongen door Neil Diamond samen met Melissa Estherridge.

Woburn Abbey june 4th/05

Woburn Abbey june 4th/05

wowed them at Woburn!
Especially the "Hill People!"

Sparkling Diamond weaves his web on a night of Woburn magic once more!
In excess of 30,000 people enjoyed the the magical setting of Woburn Abbey to watch a consummate performance from the era spanning singer Neil Diamond, on Saturday night. Neil looking ever sleek clad in black and sparkly shirt, played a show that was crease free, and had the audience begging for more, more, more. Fans of Neil's melody laden tunes were satisfied with tracks including Sweet Caroline, Forever in Blue Jeans, You Don't Send Me Flowers, America and Red, Red Wine belted out by a band of plenty ? most of whom have enjoyed Neil's lengthy career alongside him. The weather turned chilly as the skies darkened, but with the Abbey bathed in light and those great, great tunes to keep us bopping, the shivers were kept at bay. It takes a special type of performer to stay at the top of their game for anywhere near the time that Neil has, but one look at this show ? his first at the venue for 28 years ? and you can understand why: Neil writes songs from the heart that everyone can identify with, which explains the wide scope of people pouring through the gates. Gracious to his adoring following, and witty 'til the last Neil is one of a very select club marked 'superstar'.

Longfellow serenade!!

Longfellow serenade!!

"Some songs come
about after they have
been incubating in me
for a while. An instance
of that is
....Longfellow Serenade.
"It happened after
I finished writing
....Jonathon Livingston-
Seagull. I felt it
important to wash out
my brains and play
around, to experiment,
with songs I had in me.
"It came to me because
I imagined the poet
who writes the words
he cannot speak to
the woman he wants
to woo and win.
"I remember as a
youngster I couldn't go
directly to a girl and
ask her to go out with
me. "So I would write
her a poem.
And I found that to
be very effective,
because girls weren't
getting that many
poems from guys.
"Longfellow Serenade ....
is not about a guy
who writes poetry,
but who reads it,
who reads some of the
beautiful poems of....
Henry Wadsworth -
"And it reflects my own
experiences, too."

Denver Millennium Party!

 Denver Millennium Party!

 Denver Millennium Party!
The show began on New Year's Eve, 1999 and continued on into the new millennium -......
January 1st, 2000
As Neil welcomed in the New Year in Denver, TV coverage of the show was shown simultaneously in many other parts of the world. Midnight in Denver was 7a.m. in the UK. The BBC showed the singing of the one song only - America. Neil did a countdown to midnight during the singing of the song.....
Diamond leaves fans
'song sung' satisfied

Amid swirling confetti, Neil Diamond caps his Pepsi Center concert as midnight arrives with "Coming To America" nearly 16,000 fans watched the show, some paying as much as £1,000 a ticket.

Headed For The Future!...

Headed For The Future!...

The Greatest Band in the Inter-Galactic System!!!
"My band has been with me for over 25 years now and so we're pretty tight. I love them and it's really an extended family once you get out there...The poker game is probably the longest running poker game in rock and roll. It's a good chemistry with everybody and I have a great deal of respect for my musicians, We have a lot of fun together."

Diamond Ville

Diamond Ville

Het lief en leed v/d hele
crew vòòr én àchter de
schermen tijdens een
Neil Diamond world tour.

Taking America to America

Taking America to America

..........Tom Hensley..........
Taking America to America

Silly backstage songs featuring the Neil Diamond band
Tom planned to record a CD of songs based on humorous pieces from his on-tour newsletter, the PBI, which has been published on every Diamond show day since 1986.
He was so pleased with the results that he began discreetly asking other band members to come in and take part in his project, and by the time it was finished this fall, almost everyone in the band had contributed something to the album, and his co-keyboardist Alan Lindgren and Diamond's recording engineer Bernie Becker had come aboard as co-producers.
The modest little gift item turned into a serious album project, and "Taking America to America" has turned out to be quite a peek into "the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes" of a major music tour in the 21st century.
Taking America to America is the brand new CD from Tom Hensley(and the rest of Neil's band). As Tom explains it "Hensley sings a few novelty songs and then lets the better singers in the band (including Linda Press, Doug Rhone and King Errisson) step in to do the serious work.
In its 28 years of existence, the Neil Diamond band had never done an album of its own. It still hasn't, but this is the closest thing to it.

Vince Charles(1947-2001)

Vince Charles(1947-2001)
Een droevig bericht , op 54 jarige leeftijd is na een korte ziekte Vince Charles overleden, hij was al meer dan 25 jaar lid van de Neli Diamond Band, als steeldrummer, voor Neil en z'n band is dit een groot verlies.
Hij was dé virtuoos op de Steeldrums die voor het typische "Neil sound"zorgde bij live optredens.
We are deeply saddened that Vince Charles, Neil's longtime Steel Drum Player, has passed away. Vince was the number one steel drum player of all time.Vince always had such a cheerful attitude and was so much fun to be around. It is so hard to imagine a concert or an after concert get together without him. I'm sure that all Neil's fans will miss him very much. We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to Vince's family, friends, Neil and the band.

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett was born in 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.
In spring of 1971 he began
a 17 year recording and
touring relationship with
Neil Diamond that yielded
sixteen albums including
“Hot August Night” and several co-written songs,
“Forever In Blue Jeans”
among them. In 1994 he began
an association as guitarist with
Mark Knopfler that continues
to this day.
After 36 years of continued
studio work that now spans
five decades Richard recently
completed his first solo record,
"Themes From A Rainy Decade"

Best Years of our Lives!

 Best Years of our Lives!
"To be successful, it always takes a great deal of persistence, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of talent. You've got to have the persistence and hard work to overcome all the early obstacles. People don't generally notice whether you're talented until after you've made it."

An Unexpected Journey.

An Unexpected Journey.
The live recordings in this boxed set date back to 1970,though my professional performances predate that by four years. Sometimes I think It would be nice to have those first years of early performances on tape, but than again, it may be a service to humanity that they are destined to remain only a distant memory of my stage career past.

Stand up for Love!!!!!

Stand up for Love!!!!!
..........New Yorker..........
"I mix with all kinds of
people but I'm attracted to
New Yorkers because of the
common experience we
shared. Somehow you don't
change that very much....
a New Yorker who's been
out here for 20 years is
still a New Yorker,.....
still has these vague
thoughts of going back."

Neil refereert in zijn shows
aan de gebeurtenissen
van 11-sept.2001,
en steekt met zijn muziek
een hart onder de riem bij
het amerikaanse publiek.

......Songs of life......

......Songs of life......

Managed to Remain
............ Popular.......
"I think I've grown
quite a bit. I've learned
a lot about myself,
and I've opened up
more than I was able
to do before.
I have a feeling that
my audience has grown
in maturity, and in
musical tastes with me.
At first, when I realized
that my audience was
such a broad one,
I was a bit taken aback.
I didn't know how to
focus in on it.
But basically I learned
that I just had to try
and reflect myself
and my own struggle.
It was just me and them,
whoever they were and
whoever I was. There
are enough aspects
of the human character
and personality so
that there were many
things the audience
could identify and
be moved by."

You got to me!

You got to me!
Pop legend returns to songwriting roots on upcoming set
Rick Rubin is hoping to do for Neil Diamond what he did for Johnny Cash. The producer -- who revived the Man in Black's career in the Nineties with the Grammy-winning American Recordings series -- has revealed to Rolling Stone that he is producing Diamond's next album, the follow-up to 2001's Three Chord Opera. "I've always been a fan. We got to meet and talk, and it just kind of happened," Rubin says of the project, which he hopes will be out by 26th of July. "We've done all the basic tracks, and we're gonna go from there." The record will mark a slight change in direction for Diamond, moving away from his recent, lavishly arranged crooner material to his stripped-down singer-songwriter style of the late Sixties. "This is more of a songwriter's album than a singer's album," says Rubin. Diamond made his name almost forty years ago penning such anthems as "Kentucky Woman," "Sweet Caroline" and "Cracklin' Rosie." The Monkees scored a Number One hit with Diamond's "I'm a Believer" in 1966, UB40 did the same with "Red, Red Wine" in 1988 and Urge Overkill's rendition of "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" was the leftfield hit from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack in 1994. Cash and Rubin worked up a cover of Diamond's "Solitary Man" for 2000's American III: Solitary Man. Rubin hopes the record will underscore Diamond's reputation as one of pop's greatest songwriters: "He deserves it more than anyone.


But his all-time favourites are the Everly Brothers,..... James Brown and Harry Belafonte.

The story of my life.

The story of my life.
...............Television........... "I've wanted to create excitement and beauty with my music on stage and afterward lapse into anonymity. The idea is to perform where and when I want. Avoiding TV is a way to be anonymous. That's why I've been judicious about it."

As time goes by

as time goes by
The world will always
welcome lovers

"The best things I"ve
done are the things
that people don't
really understand."




Enkele leuke spelletjes
om jezelf te testen.
Je kunt ze zo vaak spelen
als je wilt. Met Neil...of andere artiesten.



Ter promotie van de
re-release van 12 Songs
trad Neil ook op bij The Today Show (zie foto), ook komen de jaarlijstjes met de beste cd's van 2006, bij Q Magazine staat 12 Songs op nummer 19 in hun Album Top 100.
De Top 2000 van Radio 2 staat online op , Neil doet het uitstekend, 11 van de 12 nummers van Neil zijn gestegen, ook UB 40 (Red Red Wine)en the Monkees (I'm a Believer) zijn gestegen.
Op de Top 2000 pagina staat een volledig overzicht van alle noteringen in de Top 2000 van af 1999.
december 2006 In het blad Billboard verschijnt op 12 december een Special met 30 pagina's over 40 jaar Neil Diamond in de muziek.


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Het Weer


Regenradar Altijd jouw weer

Film Nieuws



Het gaat er toch van komen voor Europa!!!-
2e show in Rotterdam zaterdag 11-juni.

SAP Arena
Konig Pilsener Arena.
O2 World Arena.

Aviva Stadium.

28 en 30-juni..Birmingham.
4 en 6juli..Manchester.
Evening News Arena.
9 en 11-juli..Londen.
O2 Arena.
De Amerikaanse zanger ofwel legende Neil Diamond komt op donderdag 9 en zaterdag 11 juni 2011 voor twee concerten naar de Rotterdamse Ahoy. Tijdens deze optredens neemt Neil Diamond zijn fans mee op een 'trip down memory lane'. Alle hits die ervoor gezorgd hebben dat hij nog altijd één van de grootste performers ooit is, komen voorbij. Klassiekers als Cherry Cherry, Holly Holy, Cracklin' Rosie, Song Sung Blue, You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Solitary Man, Sweet Caroline, Love on the Rocks , Desiree en Shilo zullen dus ongetwijfeld niet ontbreken in Rotterdam.

Neil Diamond heeft inmiddels een muzikale carrière van ruim vijftig jaar achter de rug en meer dan 128 miljoen platen verkocht. Ook heeft hij 37 Top 10 singles en 16 Top 10 albums op zijn naam staan. In 2008 verscheen het alom bejubelde album 'Home Before Dark', die net als het in 2005 verschenen '12 Songs' geproduceerd is door Rick Rubin. Beide albums werden een groot succes, 'Home Before Dark' kwam zelfs direct binnen op nummer 1 in de Amerikaanse Charts. Het laatste album van Neil Diamond dateert van november 2010 en is getiteld 'Dreams'. Op dit album covert hij zijn persoonlijke favoriete nummers van onder andere The Beatles, Bill Withers en Leonard Cohen.

Neil Diamond is opgenomen in de Songwriters Hall of Fame, twaalf keer genomineerd voor een Grammy, alsmede onderscheiden met zowel een Golden Globe als de felbegeerde Life Time Achievement Award. In maart 2011 krijgt Neil Diamond een ster in de Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Redenen te over dus om een bezoek te brengen aan de live concerten van Neil Diamond op donderdag 9 en zaterdag 11 juni in Ahoy Rotterdam.

....Front Page Story.....

....Front Page Story.....

....Front Page Story.....
Neil Diamond Won`t Stop After America.

I want to keep going with the tour as long as I can. I want to play Australia,” Diamond tells Undercover News in a hook-up today.
Op het beroemde Glastonbury Fastival in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset Engeland trad op 29 juni 2008 Neil op.
Op die Zondag middag trad Neil, voor het eerst sinds de jaren 60 weer op een groot festival op.

An email from FOND strongly indicates that Neil Diamond's 2008 USA Tour dates will be announced soon. Check back here , and visit Neil's Myspace Site then as well, for more possible surprises. Neil Diamond onthult zijn inspiratie voor Sweet Caroline.

Jarenlang was het een groot mysterie over wie Sweet Caroline van Neil Diamond gaat. De zanger heeft onthult dat een foto van Caroline Kennedy als klein meisje naast een pony de inspiratie vormde voor het nummer dat hij jaren later in een hotel in Memphis binnen een uurtje heeft geschreven. Het lied verscheen onlangs weer in de Amerikaanse hitparade, omdat het honkbalteam de Boston Red Sox het regelmatig speelden voor de wedstrijden.

===== Songs of life=====

===== Songs of life=====
............ On Critics ............

"I deal with it by moving on. One of my favorite expressions is, 'the dog barks but the caravan moves on.' My caravan is still rolling toward Nirvana. It will roll for as long as I'm alive."

Fraaie recensie van Home Before Dark.

Met het ingetogen album '12 Songs' keerde Neil Diamond in 2005 terug aan het popfront. Het bleek een prima collectie songs die het songschrijvertalent van Neil Diamond weer optimaal naar voren bracht.Natuurlijk weten we allemaal wat voor een verleden Neil Diamond heeft. Met door hem geschreven songs als 'I'm A Believer', 'Red Red Wine', 'I Am I Said' en 'Song Song Blue' scoorde hij zelf, of andere artiesten, gedurende de jaren zestig en zeventig gigantische hits. In de jaren tachtig en negentig trad hij nog veel op in thuisland Amerika maar zijn shows hadden meer van een gladde Las Vegas show dan dat het talent van de man naar voren kwam. Fan van vooral het eerste uur Rick Rubin, die eerder de carriere van Johnny Cash een zeer waardig einde had gegeven met de 'American Recordings' reeks, haalde Diamond naar zijn studio en liet hem daar nieuwe songs schrijven. Op de oude manier met een akoestische gitaar en schrijfblok. Vervolgens werden de songs op een sobere manier opgenomen met spaarzame muzikale invulling en zonder drums. Het album '12 Songs' bleek een volslagen verrassing en werd een waar verkoopwonder. En Diamond werd ineens weer serieus genomen en op waarde geschat.

Home Before Dark.

Het nieuwe album 'Home Before Dark' is op dezelfde manier gemaakt als zijn voorganger. Dus pure songs, sobere muzikale invulling en geen drums. Alleen zijn de songs op dit nieuwe album nog beter. Diamond is in topvorm in songs als 'If I Don't See You Again', het erg fraaie titelnummer of 'Pretty Amazing Grace' om er maar een paar te noemen. De rest van de songs doen er niet voor onder. Met de uitstekende muzikale hulp van Mike Campbell en Benmont Tench (van The Heartbreakers), Matt Sweeney, Smokey Hormel en Jonny Polonski klinken de songs warm en intiem. Natalie Haines van Dixie Chicks blijkt de perfecte duo partner voor het mooie 'Another Day (That Time Forgot)'. Diamond zelf blijft natuurlijk het middelpunt. Hij zingt in de songs heel wat relatieleed van zich af maar weet deze constant te verpakken in warm klinkende melodieën. En het blijft natuurlijk opvallend dat zijn stem na al die jaren zware arbeid nog steeds zo goed klinkt.

Do´nt Go There

Do´nt Go There

Shine on, you hip new Diamond
Even a mentoring role on American Idol can't tarnish this cool, new Neil

....I Got The Feeling....

....I Got The Feeling....
this "diamond"hasn´t
lost any of its sparkle....

.........On Being Cool.........
Well, I think I've always
been cool.
I think people are just
starting to realize it now.

Changes In Music
"Of course, the music
scene changes
continually. But the
biggest change was
when Bob Dylan
appeared. "Everyone
thought he was crazy
to begin with. But he
began to say things
at a time when people
wanted to hear things.
"Then came The Beatles.
They proved a point,
which was that the artist
could have a free reign
of his instincts and
still satisfy the
business instincts of
the recording companies.
"Those two changes
resulted in a whole
revolution in music.
"I really assimilate
everything I've heard in
music. I've drawn upon
all the choral music and
black music and country
music and rock 'n' roll
and Broadway...
I'm like the Will Rogers
of pop. There isn't
a musical form that I've
heard that I haven't
liked." "That's why I want
my body of work to be
as broad as possible.
I want to do as much,
in as many different
styles, as possible.
I don't want to be
tied to one style.
I'm a dyed-in-the-wool
songwriter. I'm not a
rock 'n' roll songwriter.
To me, rock 'n' roll was
never substantial
enough for me to devote
my life to it, music is....



On Dreams, Neil Diamond performs a selection of his all time favorite songs of the rock era. Neil pays homage to some of the world's greatest songs and songwriters. Dreams includes works originally recorded by such legendary artists as The Beatles, The Eagles, Randy Newman, Bill Withers, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen and more. On Dreams, Neil interprets the songs in a very personal way.
.......... Track Listings. ..........

1. Ain t No Sunshine
2. Blackbird
3. Alone Again (Naturally)
4. Feels Like Home
5. Midnight Train To Georgia 6. I m A Believer
7. Love Song
8. Losing You
9. Hallelujah
10. A Song For You
11. Yesterday
12. Let It Be Me
13. Desperado
14.Don´t Forget Me

Create Me.

Create Me.

........NEIL DIAMOND:.......


Photographs by Didi Zill
High quality music photo-
book with over 150
unique photographs!

....."ON SALE NOW"!!.....
Photo Book By Didi Zill at
the website of the
distributor of fine books on
Rock´n Roll-Photography.

My Special Someone....

My Special Someone....
Ich weiss das Neil viele
deutche Freunde hat,
und ich hoffe das ihr
meine Neil-seite gefällt.
Möchtet ihr mir was
mitteilen bitte nimm die
Freiheit um ein Bericht
zu hinterlassen in
mein Guestebuch. Es
würde mich sehr freuen.

Save Me A Saturday Night.

Save Me A Saturday Night.
I have to go out there
and live life to the fullest.

Een schitterend openlucht
theater met een natuurlijke
ambiance als achtergrond....
Neil calls it:...
.."a love experience"..
Greek Ticket Sales´76
More than 100,000
people lined up in
their cars at the Greek
as well as at three
ticket agencies in L.A.
Some 37,000 tickets
were sold in less
than two hours.

Love At The Greek
The final concert, parts
of which were shown
in the TV special,
ran for two hours.

The TV Special was Neil's
first American home
screen appearance in nine
years, or since he sang
....."Holly Holy".....
on the "Ed Sullivan Show."


The concert show was
an outgrowth of Neil's
own desire to tape his
performance. He had
failed to tape his
critically acclaimed
Greek engagement in
1972 which resulted
in the smash LP......
"Hot August Night."
So Neil was covering
himself in hiring the tv
crew to tape the show
for his own use and
possibly to be used as
part of a special.The
show was taped during
the Greek Theater
engagement before a
special audience that
included Los Angeles
Mayor Tom Bradley,.......
Helen Reddy..... and
Olivia Newton-John.

..Hear Them Bells....

..Hear  Them  Bells....
Op 24 januari 2011 werd Neil 70 jaar jong!!

... Hot August Night...

 ... Hot August Night...
...hello tree peoples...
i´m singing for you too!!

.......Hot August Night.......
In Australia As of April´74
"Hot August Night" had
been on the Australian
charts for an incredible
65 weeks-40 weeks
of which was spent at
the No. 1 position.
It was knocked from
its No 1 pedestal by
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull."
Even before Neil ever set
foot in Australia, it was
estimated that one out of
every 65 Australians
had a copy of....
.... "Hot August Night"....

This is not a sad song...

this is not a sad song...
........Song Sung Blue........
"Song Sung Blue was a very pleasurable song to write and to do also. "There was a continuity and a flow in those words that was very rare for me to find. "You always look for that, to be able to say something so concisely and so simply and so tellingly and occasionally those inspirations come up in songs and in Song Sung Blue there were those moments."

....I´m a Believer!!!!...

....I´m a Believer!!!!...

....Forgotten by Fans....

"You just have to kind of
float above all that.I can't
be washed back and forth
by the tides of popularity.
I try as best I can to stay
above that stuff and
concentrate on the real
things, which is writing,
the music,the songs,
making records and doing
really fine shows.
That's where it's at.
Everything else is a bonus
and I don't know how
seriously you can take it.
It starts to affect your
work after a while.I know.
I've been through all that."

Do it

do it

"I never wanted to expose myself completely and that's nobody's goddam business but my own. Why should I pull down my pants? The way I've found of letting off steam is just to put little pieces of myself in the songs. If people dig it, fine. If no, OK, too. Even poets have secrets."



Shilo was an interesting
song because it kinda
took me as a transitional
song lyrically to another
"Up until then I'd been
writing songs that involved
grooves and feels and
forms that were just fun
and real nice going down.
"But Shilo was laid more
heavily on the lyrics
than any of the things
I had done before and
in that sense was special
and a kind of transitional
song for me."

..Fortune of the Night..!

..Fortune of the Night..!

"I started singing
because I didn't like
the way other people
performed my songs."

"If ever I reach a point
when the public doesn't
want to know about
Neil Diamond, doesn't
care about Neil Diamond,
"THEN" it will be difficult
to write again, because
that's basically what
you're writing for."



.......... NYU Major ..........

"I majored in biology, in a pre-med program. Songwriting is different from music, although I don't deny now that it would be nice to have a little more background in music theory. But when you're writing songs, you're dealing with all sorts of things. I was always interested in science, and pre-med was a responsible thing to do while I pursued my songwriting. By the time I was in my third year, I was interested only in fencing and writing songs."
Op 18 mei 1995 kreeg Neil
"the Honory Degree
of Fine Arts"
van de
New York University
uitgereikt. Dit is in
Nederland een
"I began to get more
and more into the
lyrical part of it when I
got into college.
I was bored by school,
and writing lyrics in
class was interesting.
It resulted in abysmal
failures in school.
I mean, I just hung on
by the barest thread."

Neil verliet de universiteit
6 maanden voor
"graduation" om in de
"music bussiness" zijn
heil te gaan zoeken als
beginnend songwriter
en kreeg een $50 contract
We weten allemaal waar
dat toe geleid heeft.

american popular songs

 american popular songs
Zijn muziek is over de
gehele wereld populair,
er zijn maar liefst
meer dan......
120 miljoen albums
van hem verkocht.
"I spent four years
in analysis while
I was out.
It was fantastic,
very close and very
quiet and I learned
to verbalise my
feelings and get all that
pent up emotion out.
"I looked on it as
educational. I needed
someone to speak to.
I think if you look at
the music I wrote then
I think it changed and
became much more....

3 Hot August Nights in NY

3 Hot August Nights in NY

The latest issue of Billboard features a photo of Neil receiving a framed photo of the Madison Square Garden
marquee from his 3 night sold-out performances back in August 05.

The Brill Building NY

The Brill Building NY
"Here´s where it all
began."..the Brill Building
at 1619 Broadway,.....
...... "Tin Pan Alley" ......

"One of the reasons
Tin Pan Alley died was
that writers didn't have
any artistic freedom or
control. The publishers
owned everyone they
could own, but they
were all from a previous
era. Suddenly, new
people were coming up
and they didn't want
to be owned. They
wanted to write their
own music, to say things
that were pertinent.
The album is about those
changes. It's the story
of a hundred songwriters
who passed through
that particular section
of New York at that time."

Neil prefers to write
between the hours of
midnight and 5 a.m.
when it is most tranquil
and there are no

..Solitary man..

..Solitary man..
.....Solitary Person.....
"I'm a very solitary
person. Writing's a solitary
profession; you work by
yourself mostly, and you
don't need to be in touch
with a lot of other people.
I'm involved in my work.
Oh, I have a couple of very
good friends out here in
Los Angeles that I see sometimes, but I've never
been interested in being
a member of any social
crowd or organization.
I'm not political.

Surviving the Life

Surviving the Life
Love, that's what I want
from you..... I've got
enough money."


Gold don´t rust

Gold don´t  rust
........Kentucky Woman........
"It was just terrific
to work in Memphis
because they were so
laid back. "We'd cut
a track like..........
Brother Loves Traveling
Salvation Show in an
hour or an hour and
a half and I was just so
excited I could hardly
control myself. "And I
just went out and said:
Fantastic. Let's go on.
"They just laid back
and said: Well...why
don't we just take off
for an hour now and
go fishing.
"We had a ball. We cut
a track and we went
fishing. We cut another
track and we'd go
and have some beers.
"Out of these sessions
came... Sweet Caroline...
and a song which
has been consistently
powerful in the show
called ....Holly Holy."....
"We were driving
sometimes 500 miles
a day between concerts
in those days.
"One day we were
touring through Kentucky
and I was sitting in
the back of a car
and my organ player
was driving and we were
really wiped out between
dates and heading for
some far off town.
"I was laying back as we
passed through Paducah,
Kentucky, I started
to noodle around and
out came Kentucky Woman.
"I don't think it was
written about any
particular woman I saw
just a feeling I got
coming through Kentucky."

...I´m ON To You...

...I´m ON To You...

Neil who fell in love
with a Brisbane woman
...... Rae Farley ......
who was working on his
merchandise stand during
a 1996 Australian tour.
Most A-list rock stars
wouldn't even make eye-
contact with people that low
on the touring food chain.

Yesterday songs.

Yesterday songs.

..........Favorite Songs..........
"They are like children
you can't pick
your favorite child.......
You love them all."

"In order to make a
career last in this
business you've got to
eliminate as much
interference as possible.
That's why I don't want
to do a television
variety series or
a bunch of specials.
You become a public
property. That's one
of the things I've
learned from Elvis.
Nothing is worth that.
Either you control your
goals or they control you.
I think I've gained
control now."

I´m glad you´re here with

I´m glad you´re here with

.........A Star Is Born!.........
Neil was offered the chance
to try his acting wings
opposite Barbra Streisand
in...."A Star Is Born."....
He turned down the part
of the screwed-up,
and burned-out singer
[played by Kris Kristofferson]
who meets Streisand while
he's on the way down
and she's on the way up.
Neil didn't want to be
identified with that kind
of destructive person.

All I really need is you.

All I really need is you.

"My real goal is to become
a complete person, .......
a man, father, husband,
and friend.
It is not satisfying enough
to be only an entertainer".

Meaning to My Life.

"I'm motivated to find myself. I'm an imperfect emotional being, trying to figure out some way to give some kind of substance and meaning to my life. I do it in a very silly way. I write these little songs and go and sing them in a recording studio and, later, in front of a lot of people. It seems like an odd way to gain an inner sense of acceptance of the self. But it's what I do. It seems like a lot of people are getting good things from it. It's really the only justification I've found yet for my life. That and my children.

Home is a wounded heart.

Home is a wounded heart.

...........Private Life............

"I'm still a private
solitary person. Not as
much as I was at 16.
I'm not as lonely anymore.
All my frailities, strengths,
dreams, and all of my
passions are reflected
in my music.
It is my outlet now"
"I don't mind discussing
my personal feelings
but I always want to
keep my private life
separate and private.
I look upon it in terms
of an island of tranquility
in the midst of all this
excitement and confusion.”

Neil and Oprah Winfrey

Neil and Oprah Winfrey

Neil and Oprah Winfrey
De uitzending van de Oprah Winfrey show met Neil werd in Nederland uitgezonden op donderdag 2 maart 2006 op RTL4 van 15.05 uur – 16.00 uur. Dit werd nog eens herhaald diezelfde avond van 23.50 uur – 00.40 uur

Come back again......

Come back again......
I want you to stay next time

"I have a need to be accepted. Where that need came from I'm not sure. I'm driven by some kind of vague sense of finding perfection in what I do. I'm beginning to realize that that is an impossible goal. But again it is a goal you don't want to fall short of. At least I'm giving it my best shot."
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